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Black Lives Matter - Coloring Page

Download the free coloring page to make your own Black Lives Matter sign.

Today I’m sharing a free printable coloring page, in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement. You can download the printable here.

Coloring Page
Download PDF • 1.00MB

As the artist behind Dog Sweater Money, I support the fight for racial equality. While I may not always know the best way to do that, I continue to read, listen, and grow.

Everyone has their own strategies for processing current events. I could go on about what a crazy year 2020 has been, but you don't need me to do that. You're already living through it.

For me, quiet moments of reading and drawing help me process the tragedies that we continue to see in the news. I hope that in some small way, this coloring page might offer you the same opportunity to quietly reflect.

I would love to see how you make this coloring page your own. I encourage you to share your art in the comments.

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